To the kind souls…

To those kind hearts who are fiercely loyal and remarkably resilient…

You will break, you will hurt and it won’t be your fault. And your ability to empathise with others will make it hurt more than it would anyone else.

You will hug, listen and support the ones that hurt you when you’re even more broken than they are. You will give them advice and you will promise to be there for them, even though you know it will damage you to the point of no recovery.

You will look at them and understand their pain and understand that they are so damaged that they don’t even realise how badly they are hurting the ones around them.

And it hurts. Life hurts. Love hurts.

So you raise those protective walls again, higher than ever before, while you try to mend your barely beating heart from the war it’s just been through.

But you’re tired. You’re so tired.

You’ve waited years to be able to trust someone again and when you thought you’d done everything right and you’d found someone that really understands you, they break you. Worse than anyone ever has.

But you hug, listen and support them. Even though they broke you to the point of no recovery.

To you, kind souls….

I can’t tell you it will be ok. But I can tell you that we need more of you. We need more of us. We might never be whole again and we might suffer until the end of our days, but hopefully, along the way, we would have had an impact on those we helped, on those we hugged.

Kind souls, stay kind.


2 thoughts on “To the kind souls…

  1. I don’t really know you Mariana, so I won’t pretend to know anything about how you feel, and why…

    But I did know you a bit a long time ago (went to school with you, and had a huge crush on you), and I know a bit of the life you’ve built for yourself, and also the loss you had back home and the stuff you did after, so I do feel like I know one thing about you,.. you’re too strong and resilient to stay broken. All the best to you. ❤

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