It’s been one of those amazing days when I got to hang out with some childhood friends (including my best friend) and some new people.

It’s also been one of those nights that makes me wonder why am I the only single girl in the group and everyone else is married, in a relationship or/and with kids.

I’ve realised quite recently that I’m a fussy woman who has her own (un)realistic views of what she believes is right. That includes men. And I’ve realised, after some pretty awkward “almost something(s)” with some guys, that regardless of the fact that I’m an old soul and a disney princess movie fan, I should not feel like I deserve any less than what I believe is right.

And I should definitely stop feeling bloody desperate because I’m 30 and I’ve reached “that age”.

Because the truth is…

I believe in fairy tales. I believe that the guy that I’ve dreamed of since I was 10 is out there somewhere (regardless of it being 2017!!)

I believe that he asks a girl out because he actually wants to get to know her and not just because of her looks.

I believe that he will want to date her, and just her, without being scared of it not working out or the need to have a second option waiting for him on tinder.

I believe that he will call the girl, not because he’s bored but because he actually wants to know how her day was.

I believe he will take her to a nice place, and tell her straight away she shouldn’t even bother to bringing wallet.

I believe he is also able to take her out for a chilled afternoon at the park and is able to just spend some nice relaxing time listening to her.

I believe he will buy her flowers. And ice-cream. And wine. And whatever he knows will make her day better. Because he knows her.

I believe he will know that hearing back from him is more important to her than a dinner out.

I believe he will not pressure her or demand anything from her until she feels it’s right.

I believe he will look at her in the morning, afternoon or evening and realise how bloody lucky he is to have this incredible woman with him.

I believe he will hug her and feel that nothing else is better than the feeling of her body next to his.

And when he kisses her, he will know that it took her a long time to give away that kiss. And he will cherish it.

He will hold her hand.

He will be strong for her. He will be scared with her. He will fear losing her.

And he will fight. For her.

And this man, who is out there somewhere, will understand that whatever he gives this woman he will get back. Twice as much. Because when women love, we love with everything we’ve got. And we are fearless in the way we feel it and in the way we show it.

So when it comes to me… I’ve got two options.

I’ll meet the incredible man described above at a stage in his life when he’s ready to be everything I know he can be…or… I lower my expectations.

I’m not lowering my expectations.

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