Episode 0: Ireland (Europe 2018 series)

The first European trip of this year was to Ireland. My bank account was still slowly recovering from my trip to New Zealand but I don’t seem to be able to stop travelling now that I’ve started.

This trip was a little bit different than the previous ones. Firstly, I didn’t go on my own, which is a first in a long long time. Secondly, I rented a car instead of travelling by bus or train. And finally, we only went for a week and only south Ireland, so we had very limited time to do everything we wanted to do.

The route was:

Wed, 23rd May: Flight from London – Dublin (around 8pm)

Thu, 24th May : Explore Dublin

Fri, 25th May: Get rental car and drive to Cork (explore different places on the way and explore Cork)

Sat, 26th May: Cork to Killarney

Sun 27th May: Climb Carrauntoohill and drive to Dingle

Mon, 28th May: Dingle to Doolin

Tue, 29th May: Doolin to Galway

Wed, 30th May: Galway to Dublin + Fly back to London

More detail about everything we’ve seen and did in the next Ireland related posts.


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