(Days 13, 14 & 15) Baby steps // 25th, 26th & 27th November 2020

On Wednesday, 25th November, I took my first steps without crutches. It was scary but it went ok. The weight was all on the outside of my feet and heels, and there was no pain.

Since then I’ve slowly been increasing the amount of time I stand and walk, and by this I mean… on Wednesday I walked to/from the bathroom 4 times in total (each trip is like… 8 steps), on Thursday I walked to/from the bathroom 8 times, on Friday I walked to/from the bathroom 8 times, to the kitchen twice (4 steps) and downstairs once.

The downstairs one wasn’t a good idea.

I’m getting a bit more confident in what I’m able to do and my feet seem to be coping ok. Still elevating them and icing as well.

Also… those toe mobility exercises hurt a fair bit but I’m also scared that they’re not working. I’ll see how my toes are moving in the next few days and if it doesn’t improve I might have to call Dr. McCutie on Tuesday.

Anywho, here’s several ugly pictures of my feet.

Also… my back is killing me as well. Turns out being in bed and sitting in chairs all day is simply not my jam.

Published by Mariana Vieira da Rocha

"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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