(Day 20) Visible improvement // 2nd December 2020

In the last 5 days there’s been a visible improvement in my ability to walk and my confidence in actually standing up and moving around.

The scars are healing up nicely and I’ve finally been allowed to start applying some moisturiser on them yesterday (as per Dr. McCutie instructions).

I’ve also been doing the mobility/rehabilitation exercises he told me to do and although it breaks my heart to see my little feet with such limited range of motion, I do think it is improving. Bear in mind I did a dance degree and I’m used to having fairly flexible feet, so this is always going to feel/look alien to me.

All in all, it’s been 3 weeks since my surgery and I’ve just taken the bins out. Small steps everyone (literally!)

Taking the bins out was such an accomplishment!

Published by Mariana Vieira da Rocha

"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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