(Day 36) // 5th week appointment // 18th December 2020

So… another bitter sweet appointment today after I thought things were better than they actually are.

Since my last appointment 10 days ago I’ve been really careful, elevating, massaging, mobilising and only went for 2 very short walks.

The scars kept getting better and better and I think using bio-oil and massaging the scars with it every day at least twice a day had something to do with it. I also stopped using my “ special anime shoes” and got some boots similar to “UGG boots”. I did try to wear my trainers as Dr. McCutie said I should but my feet simply didn’t fit in them.

Well, guess what? That was a stupid mistake.

Saw my actual surgeon today and she said that the bones are healing well, the mobility is fantastic but the swelling is worrying :/ Apparently my feet are a lot more swollen than they should be by now, which isn’t great. She did say I need compression socks and to stop wearing those boots (which basically allow my feet to keep swelling) and start wearing my trainers. It will hurt a bit but it will get better.

The good news are that I can now officially go for walks and can get back to the gym to use the stationary bike and upper body weights.

I’ve managed to come down to the Isle of Wight for Christmas but as soon as I’m back in London on the 27th December, I shall be going back to the gym! Whoop whoop!

Published by Mariana Vieira da Rocha

"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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