(Day 80) // 11th week – Not so great news // 29th January 2021

There she went, all happy and confident, to her last podiatry appointment. Kind of thought it was actually a shame that this would be the last time I’d be able to see Dr. McCutie, but hey…. it’s a good sign because feet are definitely good (still some pain of course…. but it’s ok).

Well …. let me tell you something about managing one’s expectations….

I go in (Dr. McCutie looking particularly cutie and in high spirits), we have a chat and then I show off my feet. I’m like… super positive and excited because although there’s pain and mobility could be better… it’s been a lot worse! I even asked if I could start ruining!

He says the scars look really good but he’s gonna send me to get some X-rays done.

After looking through the X-rays he hits me with the truth…. “there’s still quite a visible gap where we cut the bone and that should be looking a bit better”. Ok. Ok. No reason to panic. But can I go for runs? No.

“Also…. mobility wise it should be a bit better as well. At this point it should be at around 70% and you’re at about 45%” . Fuck.

So that wasn’t super great to hear to be honest. Has taken me the past 2 days to come to terms with it.

He showed me some extra exercises I can do that involve balancing on the balls of my feet and “squatting” and he showed me how to make sure I’m not over-protecting my feet by leaning towards the outside of each foot. (Dr. McCutie and I “squatting” in the office together must have been a sight to behold).

So… more physio exercises, no running for another two weeks at least, and another appointment in 6 weeks.

Now that I’ve had time to process it I’m ok with all of it, I just need to be patient.

Plus… Always a pleasure to see Dr. McCutie who always remembers my baby avocado hehe. There’s been the suggestion that maybe I should just… bring him a gift for my last appointment and invite him out (knowing he won’t be my Dr. anymore). I’m actually considering this Lolol

Oh, what a beautifully stereotypical romance this could be!

To be continued…. 😅

*p.s: I’m fairly sure I won’t have the courage to do it and he’s probably 10 years younger than me

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