(Day 103) // 14th week – the 3 month mark! Run run run // 21st February 2021

It’s now officially been 3 months, 9 days and 12 hours since my feet surgery. Omfg what a journey!

After my last appointment I had to wait another three weeks to attempt running for the first time. So as soon as those three weeks were over, I went for a run. That was this Friday. I might have gone for 4 runs since then and it’s now only Sunday. What can I say… I really can’t keep my shit together.

Not going to lie, my feet are in bits and I’ve got blisters everywhere but I feel fucking great. It’s like I’m alive again and able to move.

But anyway…. it being the 3 month mark I thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of a review of the past 3 months for anyone who’s thinking about doing the surgery.

Before deciding to do the surgery I asked for advice from people who knew other people who’d done it, I went to a hospital in Portugal, I asked my doctor in the UK and the general thoughts were… don’t do it. The doctor in Portugal actually said I shouldn’t consider it at this point yet and the doctor in the UK said he was only sending me to the specialist because of the amount of pain I was describing but that other treatments are always preferable (insoles, different shoes, painkillers etc.)

Well…. at this point (and this can all change in a month’s time of course), 3 months after the surgery… I can not be more grateful for having followed my gut feeling and doing the surgery.

The recovery has been long and painful, but the thought of having to go through this at an older age actually makes me sick. But it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself recently.

Now…. a summary:

  • Surgery is fairly short (40min per foot)
  • The first 12 hours I didn’t feel much at all and I was veeeeryyyy high. And giggly!
  • After the first 12 hours… the next 3 days are a fucking nightmare. Like…. stuff you wouldn’t wish on anyone. The pain is horrific, you can’t sleep, your stomach hurts from the strong painkillers, you’re completely out of it and you can’t focus on anything because the medicine is too strong, but you also can’t get off the medicine because the level is pain in too high.
  • The first appointment 5 days after the surgery will be scary and if you go alone (which I had to) make sure you prepare yourself ahead of time and ask for a wheelchair to move around the hospital. I was sweating by the time I walked from the front door of the hospital to the reception area (5metres distance) because I was putting all my weight on my arms/crutches. The doctor was very kind though and changing the dressings didn’t hurt at all
  • For the first 2 weeks taking a shower will be an unpleasant adventure. Buy baby wipes for the days when you simply can’t move. Buy a small stool for the bathroom so you can climb to the toilet and the bath. Buy a stool for the inside of the bath.
  • Buy a wheely stool. (Thank you again Jessica!). That saved me. Literally.
  • You’ll be moving around on your bum, knees and hands a lot. Get some knee pads.
  • Get a yoga mat and start stretching and exercising as soon as you can. Your body will be in bits from all the laying down and sitting down. Please do trust me on this one.
  • You will then start being able to walk 2 – 8 steps a day on your heels but balance will be shit and the pain will be pretty bad as well.
  • The appointment to remove the stitches is a bit painful but it’s bearable… plus… after that you can start showering sitting down but with your legs inside the bathtub. So the pain is worth it!
  • You should still sleep with your legs raised and sit down with your legs raised. This should be done for as long as possible and no less than a month.
  • After the 3 week mark you will notice big improvements with the walking but I was still not able to cope with the weight of the bed covers on my feet, so the feet were out all night.
  • After the first month you should be able to walk normally for short distances but you will still be in quite a bit of pain. The swelling will still be fairly bad as well.
  • The second month is difficult in the sense that you feel ready to do stuff but mobility and the swelling are not great.
  • The scars will have closed by now but they hurt like a m********, mainly when you massage them…. which you should!! Everyday! With bio oil.
  • During the second month I started to sit down at my desk normally to work but I still need to put my feet up to reduce swelling.
  • I still wake up in the middle of the night sometimes in a lot of pain if I’ve been leaning on one of the scars for a long period of time

There’s a few more things that I’ll probably keep adding to this list as I remember the process until now, but all the previous posts should help with some tips as well 🙂

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