La Fortuna & Monteverde – Costa Rica [The Americas – #chronicles 2022]

La fortuna and Monteverde are some of the most touristy areas in Costa, and there’s a good reason for that. Both places are absolutely gorgeous, even during rainy season.

As usual, tips first:

  • Hostels selina… maybe I was just unlucky, but I think Selina chain hostels have a specific vibe ( at least La fortuna did). You are willing pay for everything & are not really in a budget or you’re between 18-24 and just want to party ( and do the good old.. buying cheap booze and partying at the hostel. It was not my vibe and in probably won’t stay at a Selina again. To overpriced for what it is.
  • Do the volcano walk, with or without a guide
  • Monteverde: the zip lining is worth it.
  • Your clothes won’t dry at all during rainy season (indoor or outdoor). Find laundrette with a drying machine. You’ll thank me later.

I arrived to La Fortuna by shuttle (still had to take two buses and a boat before that), and somehow didn’t feel the vibe of my hostel. The facilities were amazing but you had to pay for literally everything! I had chosen. 10 bed room and when I got in and saw the state of it (clothes and bags everywhere, you could barely walk), stinky smell, no window) I turned around and asked for a smaller room. Had to pay a small fortune for a 6 bed dorm. Anyway. (It was a tough long day… I fell over and sprained my ankle fairly badly, so nothing was in my favour that day).

Met Lauren on the first night and ended up doing the volcano and waterfall tour with her and Omar, our tour guide. It was expensive but worth every minute. The views we got of the volcano, seeing snakes, the explanation about the animals and plants etc. was just indescribable. That was a good day.

On the second day at La Fortuna I went to a coffee place to “work” and then did a coffee & chocolate tour! Omg I looooved that tour! Learnt sooo much about coffee hehe. Tried to make my own chocolate and failed spectacularly.

I decided to leave La fortuna earlier and go to Monteverde. The journey there was “interesting”. Took a “shuttle”, then a boat to cross the lake, then another “shuttle”. The road were and absolute mess andou swear I don’t know how the people here drive in this roads.

Monteverde was a short stop as well (as far as travelling goes). I met an amazing group of people there but unfortunately people seem to be leaving when I arrived.

Sam (from Holland), stayed for a few days and we were sharing a dorm. On the second day we were joined in the form by James and Tom (from the US) we did the El Tigre hike together, which was….. fairly difficult for me. There’s clearly something to be said about being the oldest and the less fit in the group. the boys seemed to be just fine doing the hike but I was exhausted!

Even though it started pouring down halfway through the hike and we were all soaked to the bones, it was a beautiful hike. The road was pretty awful to get there and on the way back Sam tried to teach James how to drive a manual car….. let’s just say that it didn’t work out very well.

Finally, before leaving Monteverde I went Ziplining which was pretty cool. One full morning of that and then I just chilled for the rest of the day which was very much needed.

Once again, La Fortuna and Monteverde were deffo cool stops on my journey, but I felt like I spent just enough time there and didn’t really need any more.

To Lauren… thank you so much for the company, the laughs and for making my time at La Fortuna so much better! It would have not been the same without you.

To Sam. Monteverde would have been way boring without you and your goofy mood. Thank you for driving us to the El Tigre hike and for sharing so much of your travelling experiences with me. I hope it continues to be great experience 🙂

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