Bogota – an introduction to Colombia [The Americas – #chronicles 2022]

Getting to Colombia was no easy feat.

It was an absolute shitshow at the airport, with 3-hours long massive immigration control queues. They then lost my bag, and after 1hour an Avianca staff member finally found the bag. Following these 4 hours delay and constantly texting my cab driver to tell him not to pick me up just yet, I tried to get money out and no ATM had any money at the airport, the exchange desks didn’t accept cards and I was honestly losing my chill. Luckily I had 50dollars with me, so was able to change it to pay for my cab.

On the 1st day I did a walking tour of Bogota in the morning which was super interesting. Walking tours are seriously underrated and it’s always something I tell all my fellow travellers. Wherever you go, do a walking tour! There’s so much history to Colombia and Bogota, it was an awesome experience.

After the walking I went straight to do a food tour in the afternoon with the same company (BeyondColombia). Although the tour was awesome, I’m still very undecided about Colombian food. The fruit and vegetables are amazing, but a lot of stuff is fried which my little stomach does not react very well to. Regardless, was very full at the end of it. During the food tour I met Matt, from Canada, who inspired me to go to Cali and forever changed my journey in this country.

On the second day I didn’t feel well at all so I had to take the morning to sleep. No idea if it was something I ate on the food tour or altitude sickness but it completely knocked me out. In the afternoon I went up to Monserrate mountain with Katie (who was in the same dorm as me) in the and then met people at the another hostel for drinks. Things got a bit out of hand at El Teathron and I can only say it’s a night to remember.

I felt like 2 full days was enough for me in Bogota and on the 3rd day Matt and I went for a fight to Cali.

To Katie, thank you for all your help and tips for Ecuador. I’m not sure I’ll be able to go but your suggestions were super useful. I’m not sure if I’ll see you again but I hope the end of your travels in Colombia are everything you hoped they would be. Traveling alone is an awesome and scary experience, and I hope you enjoy every bit of it before meeting up with your other half.

To Matt… I’m not sure there’s enough words for Matt just yet. We’ve just met up again in Medellin, so I’ll have to get back to the thank you’s to Matt. One thing I can say for sure is that your passion for Salsa and your enthusiasm completely changed my journey, and I could not be more grateful. Keep being you, unapologetically you.

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