Medellin. For the community. With the community. By the community.

From narco city to transformational city. This is how I will always remember Medellín. This was supposed to be one of the most dangerous cities I visited during my 6 months travelling and it proved to be welcoming, inspirational and one of the best experiences I had in Colombia. One of the things I likedContinue reading “Medellin. For the community. With the community. By the community.”

Medellin – where did time go?

I could have sworn that I only spent a couple of days in Medellin, but no… one week went by and I didn’t even noticed it. Apparently other people felt the same. The time just runs away from you in Medellin. And yes, just like so many other people, I fell in love with Medellin.Continue reading “Medellin – where did time go?”