Medellin – where did time go? [The Americas – #chronicles 2022]

I could have sworn that I only spent a couple of days in Medellin, but no… one week went by and I didn’t even noticed it. Apparently other people felt the same. The time just runs away from you in Medellin.

And yes, just like so many other people, I fell in love with Medellin.

I arrived on a Thursday and left a week later and when trying to write about it now, it is actually quite difficult to retrace my steps.

I did 2 fantastic walking tours, one of the city centre, one of Comuna 13. I went to Guadape with Matty boy and Tom. I had 4 hours of salsa classes.

I went to my first Pride and had an amazing time. I was reunited with some incredible people I’ve met in Cali and Bogota and met new amazing travellers.

However, an entire blog post will have to be dedicated to the amazing “community work” I became aware of and experienced first-hand when I was in Medellin.

It was during my city centre tour with Danny that I became a bit more aware of how Medellin went from one of the most dangerous cities in the world to one that is way safer than anyone thinks. It was during my Comuna 13 that I saw some of the grassroots work being done on the streets. And it was during my solo walks across the city that I met locals to whom I spoke with and discovered what a difference it makes to go to a place and see it for yourself instead of just hearing about it.

I could have spent weeks in Medellin and not even notice it. From all the places I’ve been to in Colombia, Medellin is definitely up there as one of my favourite ones, and I want to believe this was not the only time I visited.

The things I’d recommend you do:

  • City Centre Tour with BeyondBogota
  • Comuna 13 Tour with Zippy. Stay for a few hours afterwards and experience what it is like to be in what used to be one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the world. Appreciate the changes and development it experienced, done by the community, for the community! (A blog post coming up about this)
  • Go salsa dancing (and get some classes at dancefree)
  • Go party (hehe not sure I need to say it)
  • Take the time to walk around (in the day time) and just experience the city in your own time.
  • Talk with locals. Even if you have nothing to say.

I’ve got so much I could say about Medellin, but I don’t think it’s something it can fully be understood by words only.

I would say this is true about Colombia in general. You can’t just hear or read about it, you have to experience this marvellous country by yourself.

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"I think it's perfectly acceptable and rather admirable to be moderately delusional"

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