(Day 0) Surgery day // 12th November 2020

The surgery day has come…. and although I’ve been in denial this entire time (see previous post), it actually did happen. I was not mentally (or otherwise) prepared to go through this surgery but I did manage to organise a few things before going to the hospital. It’s hard to predict what it will beContinue reading “(Day 0) Surgery day // 12th November 2020”

Blooming Bunions

This is the story of my bunions. It isn’t a pretty one, but I believe it’s worth telling. (Heads up, I’ve had surgery less than 8hours ago, so still flying high on anaesthetic….so bear with me =p) A little bit of history. I think I’ve had bunions since I was around 19 years old, butContinue reading “Blooming Bunions”