Chapter 2: The flights [New Zealand Series 17/18]

There’s a reason why I’m specifically writing about the looong flights from London to New Zealand and back…. It was tough, it was funny and it hurt! Let me start by saying it took me a good 5 months to book my flights and realise I was not going to get any reasonable flights forContinue reading “Chapter 2: The flights [New Zealand Series 17/18]”

Chapter 1: A long-expected travel adventure [New Zealand Series 17/18]

I’ve been wanting to go to New Zealand since 2001. That’s 17 years ago, after I first watched The Lord of the Rings and then read all the books. Trust me when I say this….when you wait so long to do something, the impact it has on you is huge. In the next few postsContinue reading “Chapter 1: A long-expected travel adventure [New Zealand Series 17/18]”

Episode 6: Zurich [Europe 2017 series]

Location: Zurich (Switzerland) Hostel: Oldtown Hostel Otter To do: Grossmünster, Sechseläutenplatz, Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum To eat: Bratwurst I was only in Zurich for one day and a half and it was mainly to see one of my best friends, so I won’t lie…. I didn’t see much. My best friend and I still signed up for a walking tour but weContinue reading “Episode 6: Zurich [Europe 2017 series]”

Episode 5: Salzburg [Europe 2017 Series]

Location: Salzburg (Austria) Hostel: Yoho International Youth Hostel To do: The Original Sound of Music Tour; Hohensalzburg Castle To eat: Apple Strudel I had a very limited amount of time from the moment I got to Salzburg until my Sound of Music Tour. Needless to say I was far too excited to spend my afternoon singing along toContinue reading “Episode 5: Salzburg [Europe 2017 Series]”

Episode 4: Vienna [Europe 2017 Series]

Location: Vienna (Austria) Hostel: Wombats City Hostel To do: Walking tour, Schonbrunn Palace tour and National Library (deffo the library!!!) To eat: Goulash   I got to Vienna and managed to make my way to my hostel without getting lost! That was a pleasant surprise. The weather was pretty appalling and I started to realiseContinue reading “Episode 4: Vienna [Europe 2017 Series]”

Episode 3: Prague [Europe 2017 series]

Location: Prague (Czech Republic) Hostel: Mosaic House To do: Kutna Hora day trip ….and walking! To eat: Traditional roast duck w/ white cabbage, potatoes and dumplings (Restaurant: Hostinec a Bar U Matěje Kotrby) ……I mean, honestly. Words fail me. Its the best meal I’ve had during my time in Europe.   So there she goes, on her way to Prague,Continue reading “Episode 3: Prague [Europe 2017 series]”

Episode 2: Berlin [Europe 2017 series]

Location: Berlin (Germany) Hostel: Easterner To do: Sandeman’s Walking Tour, Third Reich Tour and Sachsenhausen Memorial Tour To eat: Sausages with mash and Cabbage (Restaurant: Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt) *Note: I’ve been wanting to go to Berlin for years, mainly for its history. However, I knew I only had 3 days so this trip was mainly focussed on theContinue reading “Episode 2: Berlin [Europe 2017 series]”

Episode 1: Brussels [Europe 2017 series]

Location: Brussels Hostel: Bruxxl 5 City Centre To do: Sandeman’s walking tour To eat; Belgian Fries   My stay in Brussels was very short and sweet, just like it was planned. Brussels was never a place I yearned to go to but since I wanted to take the Eurostar from London I just thought itContinue reading “Episode 1: Brussels [Europe 2017 series]”

Episode 0: Prologue [Europe 2017 series]

My first trip of 2017 was a 2week ‘citybreak’ in Europe. I’ve been wanting to go to some European cities for a while but didn’t want to just book city breaks every other weekend. I wanted to be away for 2 weeks, try to save as much money as possible and do as much asContinue reading “Episode 0: Prologue [Europe 2017 series]”

My own way of travelling… [MOWT]

Before I start describing my travelling adventures, there’s something you need to know. I’m a planner. I’m a project manager and I plan. That’s what I do. I also read a ridiculous amount of blogs, social media advice pages, books, street signs, maps, cereal labels…. pardon, I digress. I believe that people travel differently andContinue reading “My own way of travelling… [MOWT]”