(Day 365) // 1 year mark – The End

We got here… with good and challenging moments but we got here. If you’ve been following the “Bye bye bunions” series you might have seen this post coming, if not… well…. Take some time to read through the story of my feet surgery on the 12th Nov 2020 and its progress until now here. So…Continue reading “(Day 365) // 1 year mark – The End”

(Day 103) // 14th week – the 3 month mark! Run run run // 21st February 2021

It’s now officially been 3 months, 9 days and 12 hours since my feet surgery. Omfg what a journey! After my last appointment I had to wait another three weeks to attempt running for the first time. So as soon as those three weeks were over, I went for a run. That was this Friday.Continue reading “(Day 103) // 14th week – the 3 month mark! Run run run // 21st February 2021”

(Day 4) Improvement // 16th November 2020

Looking at me today no one would ever say I was a proper mess 2 days ago, honestly. The nights are still difficult but I’m feeling a lot more like myself now. I was able to do some proper work today and half a workshop I had booked. However, at 6pm my body was simplyContinue reading “(Day 4) Improvement // 16th November 2020”