Sapa (Vietnam) – a quickie :p [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]

Let me start by telling you about the train to Sapa in whatever deluxe version cabin they decided to put me in after having overbooked the earlier train. Wow! I was on a 2nd class train from HCMC and that was pretty bad. On this one it was absolute lush!!! Slept so well, so muchContinue reading “Sapa (Vietnam) – a quickie :p [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]”

To My Mai – O’Chau (Muong Hoa 3 day homestay trek)

I’ve been really excited and looking forward to come to Sapa . Although it’s low season and the rice terraces are not all green, it means less people, less rain and a hell lot of hiking. So I booked the Muong Hoa 3 day homestay trek with Sapa O’Chau, the only travel operator in VietnamContinue reading “To My Mai – O’Chau (Muong Hoa 3 day homestay trek)”