Hoi an – missing you already [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]

I got the train from Quy Nhon to Hoi an at 8.30am and as soon as I got to the station I met Sue-Ellen and David Pinchin, the most amazing couple from Australia who were going to Hoi An as well. Sometimes it’s just so good to find someone to have a chat with andContinue reading “Hoi an – missing you already [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]”

Ho Chi Minh City – I just don’t think I’m a “chaotic city” kind of gal [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]

I’ve got very (very) mixed feelings about HCMC. I’ll start with the bad bit, get it out of the way and then focus on the good stuff. I arrived in HCMC and immediately got ripped off by a cab driver. To be fair, I kind of knew it was a scam but I was soContinue reading “Ho Chi Minh City – I just don’t think I’m a “chaotic city” kind of gal [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]”

Phnom Penh – hmmmmm [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]

Phnom Penh is slightly chaotic and a little bit weird. My main reason for being here is because I wanted to visit the Killing Fields and the S-21 museum and I don’t regret it at all, but let’s just say that I’m ready to go. NYE in Phnom Penh was also very uneventful. Tried toContinue reading “Phnom Penh – hmmmmm [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]”

Cambodia // Siem Reap – “Arkoun” [South East Asia Series 2019.20]

I got to Siem Reap slightly sad and missing my Vang Vieng crew. A weird feeling considering all the exciting things I’ve got ahead of me during the next few weeks. The first day was all about settling in, getting my head around what I was going to do for the next few days etc.Continue reading “Cambodia // Siem Reap – “Arkoun” [South East Asia Series 2019.20]”

A letter to Mr. Koko [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]

To Mr. Koko, a tuk tuk driver from Siem Reap, Cambodia, who speaks 5 languages but was never taught how to read or write. Mr. KoKo who has 3 children, likes beer and hearing to very (very!) loud music on his Tuk tuk. To Mr. KoKo who learns about the Angkor temples on YouTube soContinue reading “A letter to Mr. Koko [South East Asia Series 2019.2020]”

Laos – “Cop Tchai Lai Lai” [South East Asia Series 2019.20]

For anyone who’s ever read my blog you’ll know that I’m a planner. I’ve got a spreadsheet for the places I visit, with information about my buses, flights, hostels etc. I have never changed my (basic) travelling plans, like changing flights nor trains. Until Laos. Arrived in Vientiane and only stayed for a night. HadContinue reading “Laos – “Cop Tchai Lai Lai” [South East Asia Series 2019.20]”

Episode 4: Carrauntoohil, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)

Location: Carrauntoohil hike (Killarney to Dingle) Hostel: Killarney Railway Hostel, Killarney // Rainbow Hostel, Dingle To do: Hike Carrauntoohil Yes, this is an entire post about climbing to the highest point in Ireland, Carrauntoohil. It was not the best weather on this day, and it was not a great start, but by the end of the day IContinue reading “Episode 4: Carrauntoohil, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)”

Episode 3: Cork to Killarney, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)

Location: Cork to Killarney Hostel: Killarney Railway Hostel, Killarney To do: Kinsale, Timoleague Abbey, Clonakilty, Bantry, Killarney These was one of those ‘long traveling days’ where we had nothing specifically planned, we just knew we wanted to see some of the southern coast and then drive up to Killarney for the night. It was an amazing driveContinue reading “Episode 3: Cork to Killarney, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)”

Episode 2: Dublin to Cork, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)

Location: Dublin to Cork (night in Cork) Hostel: Kinlay House Hostel To do: Lough Tay, Glendalough Monastic site, Kilkenny Castle and the Rock of Cashel I went to Ireland in May and apparently chose one of the only weeks when it was sunny and hot, for 7 days straight. The scenery in this country is breathtaking and itContinue reading “Episode 2: Dublin to Cork, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)”

Episode 1: Dublin, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)

Location: Dublin, Ireland Hostel: Apache Hostel To do: Tour of Kilmainham Gaol, Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College Library   We got to Dublin very late on Wednesday night and it was all about getting to the hostel and going to sleep, since I’d booked a very early tour of Kilmainham Gaol the next morning. Our hostel was notContinue reading “Episode 1: Dublin, Ireland (Europe 2018 series)”